You've Got It, Use It!

List, edit  & cleanup text & phrases in every part of a Microsoft® Excel® Spreadsheet!

###    Update Progress!    ###

PhraseSwapper is undergoing a major revision!

New features:

  • Launch as stand-alone or from Excel add-in
  • Same Language Phrase Replacement (“Coat, Royal Blue” to “Blue Coat”
  • Improved Response
  • Compatibility with the most recent version of Microsoft Excel
  • Cleaner look/feel/flow (Uses Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF)

>>> This is a no-cost upgrade to all license holders <<<

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A unique utility tool for Excel workbooks:

  • Compiles a listing of all words and phrases from the parts of the Excel filea as directed by the user
    • A 'Library of Terminology' is easily built and expanded
  • Useful for
    • Cleaning Data (from exports; or before import)
    • Copy one file and set it up for another use. e.g. estimates, proposals, audits, lab work, nonconformance reports...
    • Revising Labels and Terminology
    • Aligning labels, comments, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting
    • Translation to/from different languages
    • Re-purposing an Excel template

PhraseSwapper is available for purchase at the PhraseSwapper site (Recommend waiting for October)

PhraseSwapper Info

  • This technology identifies and exchanges characters (text) in user selected worksheets
  • Capture and exchanges are performed on user selected features (e.g. Labels, Formulas, Comments)